Classes Resume


It’s the first day of classes at Ave Maria University here in sunny South Florida. I’m down here for the next few weeks working on a few projects, ostensibly.

I arrived with Ben Novak on Dec. 30th after a drive down from Washington, DC. The first week was nice without really anyone in town. New Years was peaceful and uneventful and meaningful. Perhaps this is that “getting older” thing.

Anyway, now students are back in town, about 1,000 of them I think, and things are springing back to life as much as they do in this place that Kathryn Jean Lopez has called, in praise I think, a “Catholic ghetto.”

Over the next few weeks I’ve got to take care of a few things. Namely I’ve got to relaunch Michael Novak’s website, which will be its first refresh in a decade. Mobile responsive, Retina-ready, WordPress-driven, etc.

And more critically I’ve got to get the first draft of a manuscript together for a book that’s due out later this year. I’m not writing this book, but editing it. I’ll feel more comfortable going into detail about it once its a bit further along. But this is the most pressing reason why I’m on a sort of hiatus in South Florida in January rather than sloughing along miserably someplace in Philadelphia or its countryside.

Classes resume for the students here, and are resuming for me, in a sense, after Christmastime.

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  1. What do you mean, “rather than sloughing along miserably someplace in Philadelphia or its countryside?” Wait dill youse got back ear cuz.

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