photoI’ve become an “Inbox Zero” person.

It wasn’t part of a plan, and I’m not certain even exactly when it happened (though I know it had something mentally to do with the craze over the launch of the Mailbox app) but I find myself now consistently responding to and clearing my e-mail inbox typically within 24 hours for 99.9 percent of all correspondence.

It’s true that not every response is as in-depth and that for some conversations e-mail has become far less a true long/medium form correspondence tool and far more a rapid/short form medium. But I’m alright with that, because it’s ended up that I’m sending “good enough” responses faster, rather than “perfect” responses days or weeks later.

And when it comes to e-mail correspondence, I think “good enough” is probably good enough. After all, phone calls still exist for conversations that really require depth and are probably better suited for those conversations anyway.

We’ll see how this plays out. It might not last forever, but for the time being it’s made life better.