Allocating time

One of the things I’m consciously working on this year is improving my ability to allocate time. I’m trying to do this both in terms of professional life and side projects, and in my personal life.

Todoist has become one of the best discoveries as an aide for this. I’ve tried lots of to do apps, project management apps, reminder apps. Todoist works for me because it combines some of the best features of all three categories. I can create different projects and nested projects, I can create both one-time and recurring tasks, and I can very easily drag and drop tasks at the start of each week to create a reasonable plan of action for the week.

There’s always the unexpected. For instance, I’m working on audio production at the moment and it’s the first time I’ve done any production in probably five years. It’s turned out to be way more time intensive than I expected, and so something that I had expected to take a day or two has taken a week.

But for the most part, Todoist has helped me become much more realistic than I probably was previously about how much I can expect to accomplish each week.

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