Amazon Fresh

After trying Amazon Prime Now, I decided to try Amazon Fresh. It’s still super limited in terms of geography served, but it was a great experience. Like everything else on Amazon, except with Amazon Fresh I’m able to order any of the groceries I’d normally pick up.

The process was simple. A minimum order of $50 and no delivery fee. I scheduled checkout for the next morning, and an Amazon courier arrived right on time. Packaged with dry ice in sturdy styrofoam-lined containers that you keep. Simple process but great.

In Philadelphia, I never once went to the grocery store. There wasn’t one in Manayunk, in Newbold, or near enough in Old City. Lots of delivery, lots of take out, etc. So I think Amazon Fresh can be a game changer in places where food deserts are still a reality. It’s my new default for groceries.


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