Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now has been on my radar for a few weeks, and I had occasion to use it for the first time last night. Similar to Amazon Fresh, it’s a super rapid Amazon service that offers a limited selection from the Amazon catalogue for delivery in as little as an hour.

Amazon Prime Now and Amazon Fresh differ somewhat, but are similar in that both are very limited geographically to just a few places, and even within Manhattan only a few zip codes. Mine happens to be one of them. Two other key differences: Amazon Prime Now minimum delivery order totals are $15 or more, whereas Amazon Fresh requires $50 or more in spending. Amazon Fresh is basically the grocery store, whereas Prime Now is everything from dried and preserved foods to video games and widgets.

I ordered $18 worth of food like cereal, pretzels, noodles, etc. on Amazon Prime Now and accepted Amazon’s recommended $5 tip for the courier who would deliver the stuff. I ordered a bit past 7:30pm. Within about an hour I received a text notification. Less than 10 seconds after seeing that notification my doorbell rang, and the courier handed me my Amazon Prime Now order. I’ll be a repeat customer.