Annual Meeting

Yesterday I shared some of John Lilly’s life advice, which included the idea of “finding your tribe.” That’s what I did tonight in Montgomery County for a bit. The Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia held its Annual Meeting at St. Alphonsus Catholic Church in Maple Glen, welcoming nearly 100 pro-life Catholic representatives and volunteers from across the region.

As a board, we decided to start conducting our Annual Meeting as a public event in the spirit of transparency and coalition building. Those who made it out tonight are the people on the ground in communities around the city that work and witness to a Culture of Life on a day-to-day basis. They’re the force multipliers for the Pro-Life Union’s staff, and the eyes and ears who can help us understand where we’re making an impact, and when something we’re doing isn’t making an impact.

So we pair our Annual Meeting with an Appreciation Dinner for these Christian representatives, and purposely look toward the year ahead to ensure we’re fulfilling our mission to “foster a cohesive vision and strategy for a Culture of Life across Greater Philadelphia.”