Apple Music

When I had a few minutes this morning I updated iOS to 8.4. I’ve been eager to try Apple Music, and today’s its debut. After the first 12 hours with Apple Music, Beats 1, and the overall experience I’m all in. I agree with Walt Mossberg that it’s the best streaming service I’ve tried, and the core human-curated streaming radio, playlists, and connect features are the key reasons for me.

Beats 1 has been fun so far too. Trent Reznor’s role in its creation is fascinating, particularly his idea that I read somewhere that Beats 1 is an experiment to see if it’s possible to create “monoculture” through global streaming radio in the age of algorithmic curation. Streamed Zane Lowe and Ebro Darden’s shows; it was cool to hear requests coming in from places like Estonia, and hearing Darden walk listeners through a set of New York borough-centric tracks.

In terms of pricing, it works out to 50 percent cheaper than Spotify in my case. I was on a $5/month Spotify subscription. On Apple Music I’m a part of family sharing, so my share drops to ~$2.50/month, and each family member gets their own streaming library, settings, etc.

If this is at all what the refreshed Apple TV subscription service looks like, it should be a revolutionary rather than evolutionary change.

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