Car cutting

Megan Quinn, a former partner at Kleiner Perkins and investor in Uber, writes about her experiences over the past few years since ditching her car and living on Uber. It’s a great read and worth the time especially in light of what I wrote the other day about walkability and being carless.

One of Quinn’s key insights: “Uber has reached such high city density, geographic ubiquity and price diversity that it can truly be an economical replacement for car ownership for some people.”

I think this relates to the topic of walkability, too. I know that since selling my car there have been lots of instances where in the past I would have driven without giving it much thought, but today am comfortable with even long walks of up to two miles or more. And with an iPhone and earbuds, what time are you losing in most instances?

The Uber lifestyle, if fully embraced, I think can lead to greater mindfulness about where you physically are, and what the best way to get to the next place might be. It might be an Uber, but it’s probably not. Either way, it’s a positive.

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