Conserving Mount Nittany audiobook

When I finished Conserving Mount Nittany in 2013, I knew I wanted to see it released as an audiobook, too. Since Ben Novak founded the Mount Nittany Conservancy and since his experiences feature so prominently in the book, I sat down with him for a few hours that summer and we recorded the raw reads of the book. Those reads sat in Google Drive for about 18 months before the Nittany Valley Press could produce those reads into something presentable.

Nittany Valley Press has done that, and Conserving Mount Nittany is now available on Amazon and Apple in audiobook format. I’m also making it available below for free, because we want the story of Mount Nittany to be accessible to the widest interested audience. An Amazon or Apple purchase is still the best way to ensure you get a lifetime copy that’s all your own and that you can bookmark and listen to on any device. All proceeds benefit Centre Foundation’s Mount Nittany Conservancy and Shakely Family Conservation funds.