Electric Objects

I was sitting on a roof in Old City, Philadelphia last summer catching up with a friend when the topic of art came up.

I had mentioned I that I’m a fan of art that’s special enough to be heirloom potential—stuff that has meaning, but that’s also thoughtfully presented and made with quality enough to last a century. Electric Objects was brought up as a semi-counter, with the idea that art like so much else might simply become another internet of things component in the home.

Ever since seeing the Kickstarter that launched Electric Objects I’ve been a fan of the concept. There’s definitely a place for it in the home. The idea of buying digital licenses for art on a regular basis is compelling, too.

All of this came back to me last night in Ocean City when I walked into Steele’s Fudge Shop and saw their display of live video feeds from throughout the town. The quality was generally poor, but the idea feels neat.

Imagine your home office with a displaying that cycles through live cameras of your college town, your favorite vacation spots, maybe where you grew up.