Family philanthropy trends

I wrote yesteday about developing a charitable mission within your family. Being that it’s nearly Thanksgiving, I also want to highlight the National Center for Family Philanthropy, and specifically their feature on some of the “biggest trends” in this area:

We’ve seen an influx of new organizations, new ideas, and new approaches that are ushering the practice of family philanthropy into a new era.

With the release of the National Center of Family Philanthropy’s 2015 Trends Study, we now have data to support these observations.

This new benchmark study — conducted with the Urban Institute — marks the first nationally representative survey of family foundations in the United States. It creates a profile of family foundations documenting the current number, size, age, assets, and giving levels of family foundations across the nation, and looks at a variety of unique aspects of family foundation governance and management practices, including the engagement of the next generation and the participation of the founding donor.

What they delve into is family philanthropy that’s occuring in the millions of dollars. But again, there’s no reason that regular donors and families shouldn’t think in the same, intentional way in their own giving.

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