Following a location

Chris Sacca’s mammoth 8,500 word memo on Twitter’s future has been blowing up this week. He’s one of their earliest investors, and there’s a lot of great stuff in there. Some of it mirrors my own hopes.

In parallel, Periscope refreshed itself in an update that features global streams in a great way. Now you can browse streams happening anywhere in the world in real time. So I was able to zoom into Washington and catch a few minutes of a Nationals/Cubs game, then head up to Philadelphia to watch a band’s jam session, then across to the West coast to catch the sunset. It really does feel like the closest thing to teleportation so far.

It would be great to see the same functionality come to Twitter in terms of location. Imagine easily being able to pinch a map in Twitter to see tweets coming out of Baltimore during a riot, or Philadelphia during Pope Francis’s visit later this year.

Now imagine the best of both the Twitter and Periscope worlds, where Periscope has Twitter’s Foursquare-powered locations when streaming. So you could set a notification for anytime someone streams on Periscope from “The Electric Factory” in Philadelphia or the Met in New York.

Following great people is one thing, but being able to follow great locations would be phenomenal.