Give Local America

By the time Centre Gives closed at 6pm last night, Centre Foundation had helped 100+ nonprofits raise $765,916 cumultatively from 5,684 individual gifts. Centre Gives is part of a national Kimbia initiative called Give Local America. Kimbia provides the platform for local organizations like Centre Foundation to lead crowdfunding campaigns each May 5th. Some last for 24 hours, others for 36 or longer.

In relatively small communities, the result can be impressive. In larger cities, even more impressive. The Seattle Foundation helped their city’s nonprofits raise more than $16 million a few years ago.

I think December’s Giving Tuesday and May’s Give Local America are two great compliments in helping focus the fundraising efforts for thousands of mission-focused nonprofits. Both are relatively new, and both deserve to grow.

At the moment I’m thinking of three applications for Give Local America in Philadelphia.

First, The Philadelphia Foundation should be organizing a “Philadelphia Gives” initiative through Give Local America. Pittsburgh has been doing this with success, and with Centre Gives likely to top $1 million next year, it’s time Philadelphia got into the game. It’s already one of the smaller national community foundations, and hopefully will get serious with its next president.

Second, the Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia should consider organizing its own Give Local America initiative “Catholics Give” for its own initiatives and aligned third-party nonprofits.

Third, the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia has an opportunity to organize its own Give Local America initiative for member organizations and aligned Culture of Life nonprofits.

A strength of Philadelphia is its cultural and historical identity. A weakness is in its ability to organize itself to leverage that identity.

That’s something that can change.