Growing a new scholarship

I’ve written from time to time about the Penn State Media Alumni Interest Group, an affiliate of the Penn State Alumni Association. We support student broadcasters and student media broadly at Penn State, and I’ve shared some of those stories periodically here.

Our priority at this point, and for the next few years, is the building of the Michael D. Walsh Student Broadcasters Trustee Scholarship. Mike has committed to be the lead donor for this $50,000 scholarship campaign, so we decided to recognize him in the name of the scholarship. Mike gift serves like a match for every subsequent gift as we work to complete the campaign.

And in opening a letter from the Penn State Alumni Association this past week, I learned that the Penn State Media Alumni Interest Group is being recognized as a “Group of Distinction” among alumni organizations. It’s a small but welcome nod to the passion of our alumni and the contributions that are making this scholarship possible.

When we’re done with fundraising it will mean, for the first time, that students at The LION 90.7fm will be eligible for ~$7,250/annually to defray tuition expenses.