Improving live streaming

James Franklin was in Philadelphia last night to throw the opening pitch at the Phillies game. I wasn’t there, but I was able to watch it thanks to Onward State and Periscope after receiving a push notification that they were live.

It’s been a while since I wrote anything about Periscope or live streaming. I still see tremendous value there and I’m still engaging with Periscope somewhere between “daily” and “a number of times per week.” Meerkat hasn’t developed in a way that’s interesting to me, and many of the key personalities that had me excited about it early on have left, so I deleted Meerkat recently.

Periscope recently added a feature I think they probably should have launched with, which is the ability to follow users but also mute them—meaning that their latest streams show up in your stream, but you won’t get a push notification every time they go live. There are many interesting people on Periscope who just stream way too many times per day, to the point where I had to unfollow them because it became intolerable. I know friends who’ve deleted the app entirely for that reason.

What I’m still waiting for, and what I think will give Periscope tremendous value, is the ability for streams to be saved permanently to your profile. This would put Periscope somewhere between YouTube and Snapchat—great value for advertisers long-term and for brands, personalities, and institutions streaming great stuff, while still letting most users stream short-term and have their stuff disappear immediately or after 24 hours.

Also seeing Periscope streams become compatible with iOS multitasking would be key when the iPhone 6S and refreshed iPads come out. Lots of great content, but not necessary that I want to engage with 100% focus.