After years of planning bike share in Philadelphia arrives today. Indego is its sponsored name.

Like Citibike in New York or Capital Bikeshare in Washington, Indego offers one-time or membership pricing, but with an additional cash payment option that should make the bikes somewhat more accessible to more residents than they are in other cities.

At $15/month, Indego is significantly more expensive than Washington’s $75/year or even New York’s recently hiked $150/year. And like “Philadelphia,” I think “Indego” is somewhat cumbersome to say.

But these are relatively minor criticisms, and I think the story here is that Philadelphia is building out its already comprehensive transit network in a smart way that’s informed by the successes of its peers.

When I’m in Philadelphia and need to travel farther than walking distance, it’ll now be a toss up between Uber and Indego.

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