Little San Francisco

In exploring San Francisco, or any place for that matter, it’s almost always the little places that stay in my mind as embodiments of the place. This street scene is one of them.

Anyway, I’ll share some experiences. Running across town with the cool blue sky turning to a grey mist turning to a heavy rain. Running to Hopper’s Hands at the foot of the Golden Gate, then up to the Presidio. It’s raining heavily now. Continuing across the bridge to Vista Point in Marin County, and turning around daunted by the distance.

Enjoying a Detour on the Beat Generation’s lingering spirit and perspective, starting at City Lights bookshop. Wandering streets and alleyways trying to encounter ghosts of the past and staying sensitive to the realities of the present at the same time.

A six pack of Anchor Christmas Ale with old friends, and the bonds that tie people to one another that are fortified simply in togetherness—and with the help of good food and great beer.

The dog looking to play, nudging its ball at its owners feet in Washington Square. Three homeless friends sharing a story about their friend’s musical ambitions. A guy serving pizza who tried out for Joe Paterno’s Nittany Lions. Little places that remember.

The moments that are happening right now, that remind you that there is no future except for the present.