Mount Nittany by drone

I’m writing this from New York where temperatures this week are falling to the low teens and there’s freezing rain and ice on the windows. I’m thinking about warmer temperatures, and specifically thinking about State College in summer for two reasons.

First, because I’ve been working on and off recently on audio production for the audiobook version of Conserving Mount Nittany, which I expect will be available within the next few months. We recorded the dry reads for the audiobook in Pattee/Paterno Libraries at Penn State last summer.

Second, because that project brought me back to aerial photos of Mount Nittany from the summer that a friend took with his drone. The photo of Mount Nittany above is one of those that the drone captured as it flew around State College.

It would be neat for the Mount Nittany Conservancy to purchase a corporate drone and regularly fly it over the Mountain to capture unusual shots throughout the seasons.