Do not disturb

“Do Not Disturb” is one of my favorite features ever introduced to the iPhone. It’s great because it limits the ability for our most used daily device to interrupt us at times when we shouldn’t really be interrupted. 

I have mine set so that any calls, texts, etc. received between 11pm and 6am are muted. I’ll probably extend those hours as I get older.

A feature I’d like to see developed in future iOS releases? Expand Do Not Disturb so it can be enabled per app. I’d really like to mute apps like Slack or Inbox after 5pm. And I’d like for apps like YouTube or Twitter to be muted most of the day, except for times when I can consume the content they’re pushing to me.

Email is probably the biggest offender, though. There’s no reason it needs to feel urgent. It’s always coming in. I don’t usually need a notice about what’s incoming. Let me mute the app.

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