On writing

Cap Watkins has a great post on writing. He outlines his reasons for writing, and they’re great. Each of them applies to me, and I think they are a good model for anyone looking to write. First, you are what you read. Second, make it a habit. Third, exercise. Fourth, start short. Fifth, do it for yourself first and others second.

Doing anything habitually in the key to doing anything well. Writing is so different from most other pursuits, though, because the results of your habit sit there. As you get better with time, the earlier stuff sounds terrible. That’s not the case when learning to play an instrument or learning to read or playing a sport, where the early struggles fade with time.

I think this is why many of us don’t write, because we know how poorly our words will sound to us with time (or maybe immediately) so we don’t really start.

It’s worth starting, and to do that, start getting comfortable with not being great.