After thinking about podcasting recently I decided to give Marco Arment’s Overcast another shot. I tried it very briefly when he released it, but the $5 upgrade was enough to dissuade me from sticking with it.

I realized after complaining about Apple’s Podcast app’s lack of push notifications for new episodes that I can get that feature with Overcast, so I pulled the trigger and did the in-app upgrade.

I’m subscribed to a few podcasts, including Technical.ly, Welcome to Nightvale, The Talk Show, etc. It’s too early to tell if the push notifications for new episodes will help me get over my inability to make listening a habit. But I’ll write an update at some point on that.

I’ll reiterate my wish for pay-for podcasts, though. It’s great for the major creators who can obtain sponsorship to make their podcasting viable as more than a hobby. But for the rest (or at least for some) I have to imagine being able to charge $1/month for a podcast subscription could end up being a big deal.

In the meantime, Overcast is slick and simple. And that’s a welcome enough change.