Pope Francis in Philadelphia at the World Meeting of Families

Pope Francis closed out the 2015 World Meeting of Families this afternoon by celebrating Mass in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It was a beautiful day, despite being somewhat overcast as Philadelphia makes its way into autumn. I was extremely fortunate to have a great seat for the Mass, and snapped these photos shortly after I arrived, which was about four hours prior, along with a short clip before the mass began:

It’s been surreal to have Pope Francis in Philadelphia, and the few World Meeting events I was able to attend were nourishing ones. Last night, after Pope Francis’s Independence Mall address, I captured a few minutes of his roughly 20 minute address at the Festival of Families:

I want to share that partly because the translator is good, partly because it was a beautiful early nighttime setting from where I watched on Broad Street, but mostly because it shows Francis at his best and with none of the stiffness and formality that had to characterize “bigger” moments of his American tour.