Starting fresh

Hi, I’m Tom Shakely. I connect mission-driven people and groups to the constituencies that will be stakeholders in their work. In practice, that’s reflected through my work in brand identity, communications, development, etc. I like to stay active with civic and nonprofit causes, and serve on several boards. I’m a recent arrival to New York from Philadelphia, and am a recreational traveler and runner.

I believe politics is downstream from culture, despite being a fan of politics and the street fight “man in the arena” aspect of statecraft. Consequently I’m interested in T.S. Eliot’s “permanent things,” and how to express and harmonize those permanent things with the contemporary spirit of our time.

I’m planning to write broadly about life and culture. At least for now, specific areas will include civics, social entrepreneurship, marketplaces, platforms, Catholicism, and place. Culture and social entrepreneurship because they reflect the sort of life we value, marketplaces and platforms because they shape and facilitate the former, and Catholicism and place because they provide context and root my life. It’s a certainty that other things I’m experiencing or thinking or working on will appear here from time to time.

I think part of the art of great writing is the act of carrying on a conversation with yourself in a way that others can listen in. Fingers crossed that this space ends up being worth “listening in” on.

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