I snapped this while sitting in Liberty Craft House in State College. It’s been raining since late afternoon, which I like. Everything feels denser and closer-in when it rains in this town. I think that’s largely due to the trees and their canopy effect especially when their branches wilt with the weight of wet leaves.

Anyway. I wanted to capture this view because it’ll change in the years to come. Earlier today I was reading through the Borough of State College’s master plan. It’s an ambitious and welcome plan, particularly for its aesthetic instincts for the redevelopment of the downtown area.

Views like this will change in the years ahead because the sidewalks will expand further, bricks will replace much of the concrete, and more trees will be planted. In time, Downtown State College will become a lot prettier.

As great as it is now, there’s a lot of opportunity to improve. I’ll write more about the plan at some point.