Success with Honor

Jay Paterno writes on Penn Spate’s athletic culture of Success with Honor:

Even after the recent turnover, Penn State is still a destination job and it should still be built on loyalty. It is a program built with foundations poured with a different mentality. The differential in recruiting is in branding based on Success With Honor. That ideal attracts a certain type of student-athlete, a lunch-pail mentality. The mythology is that you have to recruit all high-profile recruits to succeed.

What makes a dominant team are exceptional players surrounded by even more players who can beat you using effort and intellect. That is what makes Penn State a destination job, the ability to attract both blue-chip and blue-collar student-athletes who make great teams and an elite program.

That focus, and not money, makes Penn State a destination job. Let other schools hire coaches because they are the highest bidder because money alone is like shifting sand and has never been the rock upon which you build loyalty.

For decades Penn State Athletics was financially self-supporting. To think a self-sufficient Penn State Athletic Department with 31 sports is going to compete on flash and cash is to want something at this school that never was and never will be.

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