Traits for Catholic cultural nests

Last month I wrote about American Indian “cultural nests” and how a similar idea known as the “Benedict Option” could work for American Catholic communities.

The conviction driving Rod Dreher, most vocal proponent of the idea is that “Churches, families, and religious schools that don’t become ‘nests’ will not be recognizably Christian within this century.”

I tend to agree with this. There’s a great pressure for anything mission-driven to become accommodating to the idea of mission-creep. Sometimes it’s because the leaders think it’s a necessary path toward growth. Sometimes it just happens because there wasn’t a plan.  And sometimes accommodation happens because of cultural pressure.

There’s an enormous cultural pressure today not only for Christians but for any faith communities not to be terribly provocative in their ideas. To be cultural decoration rather than metaphysically or morally remarkable.

Anyway, Dreher recently offered up a sort of “first draft” for the sort of traits that Christian cultural nests would need to have.

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