Trying Indego

I’ve been excited to try Indego bike share since it launched late last month. Within 90 minutes of getting into Old City on Friday night I took my first ride from Independence Mall down to 9th and Christian Streets to 12 Steps Down. It’s one of my favorite bars in the city because it still allows smoking and the place itself has an honesty that most places like it manufacture.

It was great to be able to ride Indego there for $4 (at the non-member rate) rather than paying for an Uber at double. After some good initial reviews, it seems like Indego is doing well despite launching so late compared to peer cities.

My only other experience it Citibike in New York, but between the two Indego is definitely easier to use. The checkout process at the kiosk was simple and took maybe 15 seconds. With Citibike I felt like I practically had to learn a new language the first time I used the system.

Yesterday morning I had planned to grab another Indego from 3rd and Market to the Archdiocese headquarters for the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council. But after lingering too long at Menagerie over morning coffee I had to grab a cab in order to make it on time. But after the day’s sessions were over I did Indego from LOVE Park back to Old City to grab my bag before catching a train to the suburbs for the night.

The whole experience was without any problems, the streets (including Market in late Saturday afternoon traffic) was easier to navigate than expected, and more than anything else it felt great to arrive at destinations feeling energized and exercised.

Owning (and maintaining) a bike is one of the last things I want to do in the city, but getting around on a bike is so much better than cabs in a city as dense as Philadelphia.

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