Apple’s WWDC keynote on Monday covered lots of territory.

I’m excited for iOS 9 and what’s coming to the iPad in terms of multitasking. With split screen and picture-in-picture, it’ll come very close to replacing the laptop as the most useful mobile device.

I’m excited for Apple Music, especially the concept of Beats 1 global radio and the $15/month price point for up to six family members. I’ve already set my Spotify subscription to lapse at the end of the month. At least trying Apple Music is a no brainer with the first three months free.

I’m excited for the latest developments with watchOS, particularly that apps will be able to live on-device. When the Apple Watch gets to the point within a generation or two of being able to live without the iPhone, it’ll be very attractive.

But I’m most excited for the development of Wallet, store loyalty cards, and things like Square’s Apple Pay compatible device. I don’t carry a wallet anymore, just my driver’s license, a debit card, and a credit card. Often just two of those. Knowing we’re getting closer to digitizing that aspect of daily life is great.

A small anecdote: I walked into Mama Mia’s in State College last night for dinner. I noticed they use the Square terminal, and asked if they had heard of Square’s Apple Pay device. Keep in mind this was announced just 24 hours ago at this point. The owner replied enthusiastically, “Yes, we already preordered it.”

In three years I expect that I’ll be able to pay for every daily expense with Apple Pay. In five years I expect that I’ll be able to have my driver’s license in the Wallet app.

And with Apple Watch that might mean leaving the house with nothing in my pockets, and getting along just fine.