We have more time

I watched the opening talk from NYU’s latest Women’s Entrepreneurs Festival recently. I’m a fan of what Joanne Wilson has created with the festival. Erica Orange’s talk below, specifically at the ~32 minute mark, is worth excerpting:


“If we define luxury as something that is in high demand but short supply, [the answer is] time. Time is becoming the number one luxury value proposition. Time is going from something that was once linear and sequential to something that is now multilayered and simultaneous. So what do I mean by this? Because of technology we can live many lives at once. We can be someone in a virtual environment, and someone else in the real world.”

Every innovation eventually becomes stale, but this perspective on time still seems innovative. Like writing, I think what our technology make possible in terms of distributed, real-time communications is still under appreciated in terms of its significance. If we manage our time well in the linear terms of our daily activities, we can fit in so much more in terms of relationships and impact than previous generations.

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