WordPress iOS share sheet

Since starting to write regularly on mobile I’ve been using the WordPress iOS app. I’ve written before about it and it’s generally slow pace of development. I’d bet “deliberate” might be a fairer word to use, but as a user it just feels like Automattic hasn’t properly staffed WordPress’s mobile team.

Earlier this year WYSIWYG visual editing finally came to WordPress’s iOS app. A hugely welcome and overdue development. Since I wrote about wanting that shortly before it was released, I’ll try to channel that regarding another feature that I’d desperately like to see.

The WordPress iOS app needs to add support for the iOS “share sheet.” A lot of what I write is inspired by or quotes from other sources on the web. Yet if I’m reading something from Twitter or in Safari or wherever, and I tap to share, there’s no way for me to “share” that link into WordPress to start a post. I can message a link to someone, or even paste a link along with a highlighted excerpt into a third party app like Todoist, but I can’t do any of that into WordPress.

I don’t intend to write about every feature that I think WordPress is missing; but like the former absence of the visual editor, support for the iOS share sheet seems like it should be so obvious.