Month: December 2016

  • New Years

    New Years

    In Avalon, New Jersey with friends for New Years and leaving Monday afternoon. Visiting the shore in wintertime is a strange thing, mainly because a place you’re used to experiencing full of other people is almost deserted. A place you’re used to experiencing in the heat of summer with wide open windows is instead cold […]

  • Windows that open

    Windows that open

    It’s winter, so I’m thinking about summer. I’m thinking specifically of the warm breezes of summer. I’m thinking of how difficult it is to enjoy natural weather in the summer in modern buildings whose window don’t open for safety/liability reasons as much as because we demand climate controlled spaces. But these characteristics of our times are…

  • Civilization, continuity, memory

    Civilization, continuity, memory

    Dominique Venner writes: “Memory” is a much abused word. But so too is the word “love,” which doesn’t mean it can’t be used in its fullest sense. It’s the force of “memory,” transmitted within the bosom of the family, that enables a community to endure, despite all that seeks its dissolution. It’s the long “memory”…

  • Education as escape

    Paul Beston writes on the experience of a young man: He had been a talented but utterly indifferent student, and it is only after he leaves college that he understands what an education really means: “To escape from the little island of the living. To know what thinking men and women have felt and seen…

  • Christ’s otherness

    Joe Sobran wrote many years ago: The Western world, including many of those who consider themselves Christians, has turned Christmas into a bland holiday of mere niceness. … Some people think you can take Christ’s “teachings” and ignore his miracles as if they were fables. But this is to confuse the Sermon on the Mount…