A better start

Blended learning can mean real sleep for students:

One small district in Alabama has found a way to allow students to sleep in without changing the school schedule or reducing learning time. Piedmont City School District, located in a community with fewer than 5,000 residents about 90 miles from Birmingham, has created a virtual first period for 10th-12th grade students who maintain a B average. These students can complete the assignments for their first period class, which must include online coursework, anytime they want, allowing them to sleep in during the week.

First, this is exactly what our federal system—with states-as-laboratories-of-democracy—is designed for. It’s gratifying to learn of experiments like this.

That said, why are we calling the experience these students are having a “virtual start” every morning. It’s perhaps a more authentic start to their day than they’ve ever had in school, particularly if it’s true that so many show signs of being practically unconscious so early in the morning after waking up, rushing out the door, being carted in on a bus in dark and frigid morning weather, etc.

Get a real start, in the warmth of the home and with a mom or dad-cooked breakfast, then get into the school building later for other classes.

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