A closer relationship

Great short run this morning partially across the Brooklyn Bridge and then back to lower Manhattan. Returning to Philadelphia now for some tailgating and tonight’s Phillies/Kansas City Royals game.

I was talking with a friend about Elon Musk’s hyperloop concept. In a pre-hyperloop world, New York and Philadelphia are just far enough apart that it’s not super practical to live in one and work in the other. In a hyperloop world, that two hour distance will be cut to something like a 20 minute distance. The commute to/from the hyperloop will be longer than the commute to/from each city.

Who knows many years away this will turn out to be? But in thinking about the next fifty years for Philadelphia, it would be crazy not to think about how to bring about a closer relationship between New York and Philadelphia.

It’s going to be practical to live in Philadelphia and work in New York every day. (Of course, this will be true of many places, hypothetically. But I’m focusing on these cities because I really care about both of them.) What will this destruction of distance do to real estate prices? To the job market in Philadelphia, where poverty is off the charts? To the character of Philadelphia?

These are questions worth thinking over for years to come, and it’s worth making life decisions both personal and business predicated on your answers to these questions. They have the potential to set you and your family up to be well-positioned for decades to come.

The hyperloop is a big idea. How will we make it real, and how might it change our lives?