Another Thanksgiving reflection

Thanksgiving itself has come and gone, but the season of thanksgiving will be with Christians until the start of Advent in advance of Christmastime. The Napa Institute shared the Thanksgiving reflection below over their email list, and I wanted to share that here. How many people have done good things for us this year, and yet we’ve failed to thank them after on Thanksgiving? I know that’s true for me. There’s still time to send that email or text.

A Thanksgiving Day Reflection
by Rev. Jerome J. Molokie, O.Praem

In the account of the healing of ten lepers, only one returns to thank Christ for His miracle. This brings forth a poignant statement: “Were not all ten cleansed?” Jesus asked. “Where then are the other nine?” Lk 17:17. With these words, the Lord makes it clear how important it is to Him to render thanks for the gifts we have received, and the fostering of a grateful heart is something that we ought to make a priority in the spiritual life.

How many blessings we have received, not only individually, but also as families and as a nation. Even the challenges and difficulties each one of us experience over a lifetime can elicit the praise of gratitude, because they challenge us to grow in grace and they make us stronger, if they are accepted with a spirit of faith and an embracing of God’s will.

This Thanksgiving, we wish you all the most peaceful of days among family and friends, and pray that we all will come to a state of gratitude not only on this day, but on every day. It would be wise to pray to the Lord to give us grateful hearts, so that we never become insensitive to any of the graces we receive each day. And may the Lord bless each one of us, now and throughout the coming liturgical year, which will begin at the end of this month with the first Sunday of Advent.

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