Getting cash without cards

I wrote last summer about going walletless and carrying just my driver’s license and debit card. The two friction points for going just iPhone? We’ll need to carry ID for years until, first, state governments catch up and issue digital equivalents that are accepted where they need to be accepted. And second, until ATMs become NFC compatible. What I wrote in July:

On the cash side, it’ll require Apple taking the lead to partner with ATM networks to convert their machines to NFC compatibility. With Apple Pay, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to walk up to an ATM, place our phone near the screen, type in our PIN or just use TouchID, and get cash. Apple made a point to promote their work with vending machine companies when Apple Pay rolled out for similar NFC compatibility, so it seems natural to expect the same approach with the ATM networks.

This is apparently happening. It’s way faster than I expected, which is fantastic. As a Schwab customer, I can already use any ATM. Excited to try this at Bank of America or Wells Fargo later this year.