City Hall placemaking

Jon Geeting reported this week that Philadelphia City Hall’s courtyard will be remade in some fashion:

Philadelphia City Hall’s courtyard looks a little dumpy next to the newly-renovated Dilworth Park, but that’s about to change thanks to a new ‘Heart of the Community’ placemaking grant from Southwest Airlines and Project for Public Spaces announced yesterday. …

The aim of the City Hall courtyard project is to create a “civic commons” in the courtyard “that celebrates the City’s rich history and sustainable future” while building on the upgrades to Dilworth Park and LOVE Park. The project will be overseen by a partnership between the City of Philadelphia and the Mayor’s Fund for Philadelphia, a city-affiliated nonprofit that facilitates public-private partnerships.

Dilworth Park’s transformation has been a phenomenal development for Center City. I hope the City Hall courtyard project will have a similar result. This is how civic development happens: bit by bit by bit.