Inspiration Mural

Michael Pilato is a remarkable artist. Creator of the Nittany Valley’s Inspiration Mural and speaker at TEDxPSU, he’s someone who has influenced many people and communities.

The Inspiration Mural is an evolving work of art designed to tell the story of the area’s most remarkable people. When Pilato is in State College he’ll frequently give tours of his Inspiration Mural, sharing the stories of those featured across the block-wide, two story high mural facade.

It’s because the details of the Inspiration Mural are so connected to its artist that I was thrilled to see Steve Garguilo produce a Google Glass-driven tour with Michael Pilato of the Inspiration Mural a few years ago:

It’s a great way to learn about it if you’re not familiar with it, and having it so easily accessible is an important contribution to local history that you can watch from your device even if you make a solitary pilgrimage to see it for yourself at some point.