Last mile connections

When I hopped on SEPTA earlier this Memorial Day weekend, the interstitial below appeared in the app. I had read SEPTA was partnering with Uber to discount “last mile connections” from particular train stations to destinations, but had forgotten about it. Looks like Memorial Day weekend is the start of that promotion.

It’s a brilliant move, and is another piece of the puzzle for how Uber is coming to fit into daily life. If Uber can partner for promotions like these—offering 40 percent discounts on short rides to/from transit destinations—imagine what it will look like after the company’s Pittsburgh self-driving experiments are ready for primetime.

The ride I grabbed with this promotion was ~$4.70 after the discount. Prior to Uber, this sort of ride would cost (on the rare occasions that I bit the bullet and took them) with a traditional cab about $15 after tip. Even without the promotion, Uber’s appearance for rides like this has been game changing when I’ve needed it over the few years.

All we need now are hyperloops.

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