Leaving Narberth

I wrote a while ago about the distributed nature of our team at the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network—two staffers in Philadelphia, one in Ohio, and one in Florida. It’s a structure that works for us.

When our headquarters in Narberth (just outside of Philadelphia) was opened in 2012, though, it wasn’t opened with a distributed team in mind. It has been a beautiful headquarters, but one that’s too large to serve our mission effectively as a distributed team. This week was our last week in Narberth, and next week will be our first in Center City, Philadelphia in a space better suited for our mission and more geographically exposed to the sorts of allies and contributors we need to build relationships with to grow.

Narberth has been good, and it’s a little town I like—not quite on the Main Line, not quite in the city. Philadelphia will be good too.