Logan Circle view

I wrote last week about my experience with the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network leaving Narberth, and moving our headquarters to Center City Philadelphia.

We’re now more or less settled in our Philadelphia offices, and it’s great to be here. Our space overlooks Logan Circle, one of the original five squares laid out by William Penn when the city was still a startup. We can see the Philadelphia Museum of Art on the rise that gives Fairmount its name, we can see 30th Street Station and Cira Center, the Franklin Institute, etc. It’s a beautiful place to be.

It was overcast when I took this photo, but even on cloudy days one of the benefits of this office is that the windows are large enough and let in enough natural light that I don’t have to turn on the fluorescent ceiling lights in my office. This might sound strange, but I place enormous value on access to natural light. I do everything I can to avoid fluorescents especially.

In this sense, it’s priceless.

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