When The Nittany Valley Society launched its Nittany Valley Heritage Walk a few years ago, it was with the goal to preserve the iconic Inspiration Mural in Downtown State College, while also creating and beautifying a new pedestrian and visitor-friendly place.

We’re making progress with the Nittany Valley Heritage Walk; paver stones are starting to sell and the first major section of the walkway will be installed later this year—resulting in a large section of unremarkable concrete being replaced by striking, beautiful red bricks.

Along with these improvements, a thorn in my paw since The Nittany Valley Society decided to take this special project on has been this rusting, unattractive U.S.P.S. mailbox. It has sat for years directly in front of the most iconic part of the Inspiration Mural—the section featuring Coach Paterno. It’s placement makes it nearly impossible to take a photo of the entire Inspiration Mural directly from the front. It just detracts from this unique downtown spot, and would limit public appreciation of the space as it continues to transform in the years to come.

Thankfully, it won’t be there much longer. I got word yesterday that the postal service has agreed to move it elsewhere. This will eventually enable new, low-profile benches to be installed along this stretch of sidewalk. And more importantly, it will help the Nittany Valley Heritage Walk be a more distinctive part of the State College landscape.

Moving a mailbox is certainly not something I ever expected to spend time on (and I didn’t have to spend much), but glad I was able to encourage its removal to a less important area.

And look at that thing. It just looks terrible.