I discovered the Nittany 100 on Facebook the other day. It’s Kate Clarke’s adventure-in-progress to hike Mount Nittany 100 times over the course of the year:

Since moving to State College in 2007, I’ve had a special relationship with Mount Nittany. I plan to explore that relationship in full this year as I hike/run the mountain 100 times in 365 days. The mountain is constantly changing and I plan to explore and enjoy it in its entirety this year! Join me by following here, or by meeting me at the trailhead when I post my hikes. We’ll talk music, beer, gear hacks and whatever else comes to mind.

Hiking Mount Nittany has been on the bucket list of Penn Staters more or less since there has been a Penn State. Even before, in fact. The earliest known references to student camping parties to the Mountain occurred with Professor Pugh in the earliest years of the place. Sandy’s Nittany 100 follows in the spirit of this tradition of relationship with the Mountain.

It would be great for more who hike it as a “thing to do” to pick a number higher than “one,” even if they don’t pick “one hundred.”

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