Penn State Leadership Association

Gavin Keirans created the Penn State Leadership Alumni Interest Group, an affiliate of the Penn State Alumni Association, to bring together students and alumni of Penn State campus government and leadership groups.

We were both involved at Penn State with the University Park Undergraduate Association, the student government which is coming up on its eleven year anniversary. Generations of students and alumni have passed through it and many other campus government and leadership groups. But no single group has existed to connect those diverse leadership constituencies through a coherent vision of service and mentorship as alumni. It been too factionalized, too narrow.

So the Penn State Leadership AIG is an attempt to bring together students and alumni with the hope of developing a wider, coherent vision for service and mentorship. I’m excited to see where it goes, and hope it can be a long-term way for students and alumni to make an impact:

The Penn State Leadership AIG supports student leaders at The Pennsylvania State University, provides mentorship opportunities, fosters fellowship among alumni, and encourages an ethos of lifelong University community leadership and service. The PSLAIG connects alumni, particularly past presidents and executive board members, of campus groups including student governance bodies, student organizations, and student societies. As an affiliate of the Penn State Alumni Association, the PSLAIG promotes cross-generational activities and relationships as a way to build up the University for the future:

  • Fostering active relationships between students and alumni to strengthen the cross-generational culture of the University community.
  • Providing alumni of Penn State curricular and extracurricular organizations a means for fellowship across a range of activities.
  • Serving as a voice to Penn State student, faculty, and administrative bodies for comprehensive and holistic solutions for supporting student leadership endeavors and opportunities.
  • Advocating collaborative alumni development efforts to better support diverse student leadership endeavors.

If you’re a current or former Penn State student leader, start by creating an account on the website and joining the Facebook group, and consider joining the group in State College this weekend for its first reception.