Peter Thiel on what’s next

Peter Thiel has taken lots of heat from his Silicon Valley peers for his support of Trump. I posted his short address to the GOP convention earlier this year, which I thought was pretty good in terms of content. His recent National Press Club address, however, was very good and lays out a broad vision for “what’s next” in our nation’s politics.

The video from his appearance is a full hour with Q&A, but Thiel’s remarks are only ~15 minutes. Very much worth watching if you’re curious how someone like Thiel could support someone like Trump. And in watching you’ll discover that Thiel’s support of Trump really isn’t about Trump, as much as it is about the toxic status quo of our politics. We’re “not a normal nation,” Thiel notes, because normal nations do not do things like prosecute five simultaneous wars. I agree with him.

There’s lots packed into this 15 minutes. I think it could be a primer in political science classes as an example of eloquent, forceful political dissent from mainstream political orthodoxies.