I remember as a child seeing some newer television in K-Mart, near where I grew up. It had a “picture in picture” feature that let you watch two channels at once. I remember being amazed by this.

With iOS 9, Apple brought picture-in-picture capability to its iPads. It’s one of my all-time favorite iOS features, doing for video what we’ve been able to do with audio for so long: play it in the background while we’re doing something else on the device.

But picture-in-picture isn’t available on the iPhone. It’s available in bits and pieces—some apps support it in their own way, like YouTube and Facebook. But this is app-based, and so you’ve got to stay within that single app for it to work. When it works, it’s great, like it did for me recently while I was checking Facebook and watching Leilah Janah’s recent streams on nonprofit M&A and fundraising. But I’d really like to see it as a core iOS feature for iPhone.

Picture-in-picture for iPhone is my most-desired future feature.