Scattered travel thoughts

I flew into San Francisco last night, with a layover in Denver.

I’m in Napa this morning for a meeting, have another this afternoon near Oakland, and will be heading back to Lower Pacific Heights for a weekend with friends afterwards. It’s great to be back, first time since I was here in July for the Napa Institute and my PCH trip.

Uber announced earlier this week that new Volvo versions of the self-driving cars they’ve had on the streets in Pittsburgh are now active in San Francisco. I’m hoping to hitch a ride in one of them this weekend amidst whatever else we end up doing. I had a great Uber driver in Philadelphia who took me to the airport who brought up the self-driving advances. “They can’t wait to get rid of us. Keep 100% of the profit, not just 25%.” Yep.

Fewer than ten days until Christmas! It doesn’t feel like it…