Signature win

Amazing game last night. Penn State v. Ohio State is my favorite rivalry, and last night way exceeded my expectations. I had expected us to lose.

Entering the fourth quarter down 21-7, I was finishing a stout, working on my MacBook, only semi-watching the game. There was that feeling in the pit of my stomach that told me “just don’t watch.” It would’ve been too painful to see us sputter and fail in what had initially looked like a competitive game. There’s been too much of that for us in the past few years—losing seemingly winnable games. Instead Penn State came alive in the end in what was overall a strange, messy game.

James Franklin got his “signature win,” his first win against a ranked opponent. Ohio State’s 20 game road streak was snapped. Trace McSorley showed great poise. Beaver Stadium was loud. Chance, momentum, and errors on both sides defined this game. This was fun.