I’ve been meaning to try Soylent for a while, but the idea of mixing powder and having a half dozen trinkets in a drawer to mix everything together was too much. Soylent 2.0, the ready-to-drink version, looked good to go. If Soylent could really function as liquid food, I thought it could definitely become a part of my diet.

Eventually got around to subscribing to the 12/month package for $29/month, and it arrived from a Central Pennsylvania facility a few days ago. A lot has been said about the taste, which I actually like quite a bit. I was surprised, frankly, given how strongly some people are in their indifference or outright dislike. Very reminiscent of oatmeal, but with a smoother consistency.

Anyway, I’m planning to keep the monthly subscription and make these my lunch. I’ll write more on this at some point, whether it sticks, etc.