St. Therese Digital Academy

St. Therese Digital Academy is an online Catholic High School currently in development by the Diocese of Burlington. Dependent on our survey response, It is projected that the academy will be open for enrollment by September of 2016.

Grounded in the firm foundation of our Catholic Faith, St. Therese Digital Academy will work with parents in their roles as primary educators by offering a full 4 year on-line Catholic High School with flexible options to assist in their child’s education, while also providing weekly opportunities for social and spiritual formation at locations to be determined. Our goal is to develop well-grounded disciples of Jesus Christ who possess 21st century skills that equip them to fulfill their roles as members of the Body of Christ within today’s society. The Diocese needs your valuable input in this new endeavor, and asks that you please complete our survey to help us best serve the Church and its future disciples within a digital culture.

Why is a digital academy marketing itself within a particular place? Because it’s not entirely online. One day per week would be dedicated to in-person gatherings to celebrate Mass, social interaction, etc. This makes somesense, but I think it’s also a component that should probably be optional. 

If you’re trying to launch an online academy, let it be that. If the parents are the primary educators within the family, let them be that.

A Catholic academy online is a good concept, and certainly things like Penn State’s World Campus, with ~15,000 students, prove that it will work.