I spent about 14 hours yesterday transitioning The The Nittany Valley Society’s website from WordPress to NationBuilder. I’m pretty pleased with the result, which is based off of one of NationBuilder’s basic templates.

The biggest pain was porting the entirety of the content. The result helps position The Nittany Valley Society in a big way, because NationBuilder provides an integrated website, database, giving platform, and email marketing platform in one.

The Nittany Valley Society is still in its relative infancy as an organization with ambitions to be a lasting part of Central Pennsylvania communities for decades, fostering a “spirit of community across time” and helping new generations understand the stories of the place they’re coming into as students or new residents. Until now we didn’t have an integrated database or coherent email marketing, which had become two enormous constraints to growth with a volunteer organization.

If you haven’t signed up with us yet, now’s the time.